About us

HOT SHOT EGYPT has started its activities and business in Egypt since 1986.

HOT SHOT EGYPT’s main activity is:
Trading, using, supplying and securing Explosive Materials to all companies and sectors concerned by this matter. The company undertakes all its responsibilities in relation to this type of specialized activities, starting with finalizing all required documents, security licenses, and customs clearance of these materials, in preparation for the start of the actual work at the selected sites.
The Company is also specialized in the procedures of trade and use of Radioactive Materials and issuing the licenses of import, use and transport of radioactive materials.

HOT SHOT EGYPT has its own tankers equipped to transport those explosive and radioactive materials, which are licensed for this purpose.

HOT SHOT EGYPT has several certified and fortified warehouses (bunkers) to store these hazardous materials throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

HOT SHOT EGYPT is specialized in the blasting operations for measurements of Earth vibrations for seismic research in the Delta region, Giza region, and Fayoum.

HOT SHOT EGYPT is also a pioneer in technical consultancy in the field of blasting, drilling and uses of radioactive materials.

HOT SHOT EGYPT, as a member of the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors, can implement engineering and civil works in the Arab Republic of Egypt.