Safety & Security

  • The employees of the company undergo several courses in their respective fields to ensure that the service is delivered to the client in the best manner and meeting the required security conditions to protect employees from the materials they deal with.
  • The employees of the company must wear the safety and security uniform in every mission they carry out for their safety and to be easily identified by the client.
  • All vehicles of the company are subject to periodic maintenance after the completion of each mission.
  • Equipping vehicles to prevent exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • Monitor all the sites, warehouses and offices of the company with surveillance cameras 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  • Track the vehicles with the GPS system to know the vehicle route and speed control.
  • Periodic medical tests for employees.
  • The employees of the company have special medical insurance for their safety and follow up of their health and to check on them.