Blasting on land

Blasting operations on land

  • HOT SHOT EGYPT has carried out and completed many blasting operations, and prepared the trenches needed to extend pipelines in several locations in different governorates:
    • in Matruh governorate (El Obayed pipeline – Bapetco)
    • in Red Sea governorate (Project of the Nuclear Power Plant Authority in Qatrani Mountain and blasting operations carried out for the Sumed pipeline)
    • in Assiut governorate (Paving the Assiut-Sohag Western Desert Road)
    • as well as in Qena governorate (The preliminary work for the extension of the Abu Tartour railway line)
  • The company cooperates with several large mining companies, which rely on the use of explosive materials, in the extraction of quarry ores, whether public or private sector companies.
  • In Addition to HOT SHOT EGYPT activity in the extraction work of basalt stones from quarries.